Monday, 1 April 2013

Nigerians Resident in Malaysia

A platform where Nigerians residing in Malaysia can share stories and advice one another on events that affect us as Nigerians.

Lets help stop corny travel agents who lure naive aspiring students and young business men, seize their international passports and extort money from them and their families.

New Malaysian laws that affect us. Lets name and shame corrupt, rude and unprofessional embassy staff. Let us share our experiences of racism and discrimination and tips on how to deal with them. Identify and share dangerous spots.

As we all know Our High Commission is of no good. Our diplomats disappear when they are needed the most, So we have to become High Commissioners ourselves. We are people of prestige, let our attitude, character and activity say well of our nation and race.

Sow a positive seed, so that the next Nigerian or African can reap.

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