Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Kemi Omololu Olunloyo - Madame Digbo-lugi

Kemi Omololu Olunloyo a Canadian Deportee turned Digbo-lugi. She is mad at Nigerians for her miseries. A vile, disrespectful and vulgar 48 year old woman that talks like an ill-mannered teenager. Wonder why your former husband made you his punching bag? Most men will end up being abusers if they live with you. You are almost 50, you can make your point without being vulgar and irritating.

Your parents have done a horrible job, ask your father, he'll tell you the truth. Just like your husband pounded you, the Conservatives deported you, I would have done the same to a Tranny looking asylum seeker who is suppose to be fighting a good course but does not think before speaking. I hope you enjoy your $300 shenanigan for this one and  I encourage you to keep it real with some decorum and wisdom, you will be taken seriously. #MadameDigbolugi. lol

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  1. Kemi was born in 1963. She is 50 years old. She has never been married but has produced 4 children for 4 different men. She threw her 1st son out of a moving car in the USA and is wanted for that crime in America. She jumped bail. Her 2nd son was removed by social services because she was biting him so badly he was marked all over his body with her bite marks! She is a mad dog and she is wanted for that crime too. There is no need to worry about her because she is an unemployable liaibility still taking hand-outs from her father at 50. She can't even afford a car and in Ibadan she is always seen quarrelling with bus conductors over the N20 fare for her son who she carries on her lap to avoid paying for but the boy is too big and the conductors want their money. She is the laughing stock of Ibadan and you can only see her in pictures that she has arranged because even the roadside hawkers of groundnuts laugh when she passes by and the mechanics bet who will get her for 200 Naira because she is always broke and will do anything for her next fix of ganja.