Monday, 25 March 2013

David Mark Rejects ₦20,000 Bill For Unemployed Graduates (My Daydream)

Senate President David Mark REJECTED a Bill For Unemployed Graduates To Be Paid ₦20,000 Monthly. And this douche-bag Gave 2face and Anie Idibia a Chevy Corvette / Ferrari F-12 Berlinetta (I refuse to know which he gave, because the logo was covered). So let me do the maths, after-all the legislature has been the most disruptive and useless arm of government since the 4th republic started and their looting habit has grown bolder over the years.

Each Senator loots ₦14 million every month. So,

₦14,000,000 ÷ 20,000 = 700 unemployed graduate per-month for 1 Senator.

109 Senators × 700 = 76,300 unemployed graduates can receive ₦20,000 per-month if we get rid of the useless Senate.

Each Dis-honourable in the House of Representative loots ₦12 million every month. So,

₦12,000,000 ÷ 20,000 = 600 unemployed graduate per-month for every Dis-honourable.

360 Dis-honourables × 600 = 216,000 Unemployed graduates receive ₦ 20,000 per-month if we get rid of the Dis-honourables.

216,000 + 76,000 = 292,300 unemployed graduates every month.

Second Thought

Should Nigeria encourage its youth to depend on it for monthly handout? No

Can Nigeria afford it? No under the status quo and Yes if we get rid of the looters presently occupying the National assembly. All they know how to do is to shake-down business men, blackmail the Executive arm for more money and stoke religious and ethnic sentiment. 292,000 unemployed graduates will be grateful if we send the current legislature packing.
My Fantasy/Daydream

How can the unemployed graduate get this money? Storm the national assembly while it's in session, Chase the looters out and disgrace them. The army and police will have no choice but to join the thousands of unemployed graduates who will occupy Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Jos , Kaduna, Enugu, Ibadan Zaria Abakaliki and kano. We are all victims of bad leadership and mismanagement, they have no choice, they just have to defect at the end of the day. Nigerians won't miss the legislature, they are of no use and mostly made up hard-line criminals who have evolved over time.

The boys from the creeks should neutralize some pipe lines, take over the oil fields and suspend production. (Though most the SS guys are now millionaires, i don't know if the will be in or not)

Just because you've spent so many years and money in school does not mean you shouldn't sacrifice body and soul to better your country and yourself. We, the youths are the only ones that can do this and get away with it, except the unemployed figures are exaggerated.

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