Monday, 4 February 2013

Seven Nigerians Arrested For Attending Church Service in Malaysia

Lobatan!! If you have a child or a relative in Malaysia, or you are about to send one here, warn them, for it is now a crime to attend church in Malaysia. I don't know why this incident made the news this time, but things like this happen regularly, and as it has always been, seven Nigerians were singled out to make news headline, but it's getting dangerous now, they are bringing religion into it.

Maybe they anticipated Nigerians will celebrate too much if the Super-Eagles beat Cote d'Ivoire, so they decided to act fast in order to minimize the screaming and yelling of Goal (That's by the way). I have read the news above, time and time again, but i still don't get it. Did some of them attend the talk with their Malay partners? (It is illegal to preach to Malays in Malaysia, Malays are automatically Muslims by Law and birth, Converts can't change their mind etc) LOL

I don't know why law abiding Nigerians are being arrested and intimidated for going to church, except it's a religious sect or cult which obviously isn't the case, that's why the immigration is involved and not the army or security force. This might be a case of an over zealous, glory hunting, Jealous, bored immigration officer or just another plot to show Malaysians that the government is working against and fighting the enemies of Malaysia.

There has been an unclad struggle for power for a few years now, its been very dirty. You see, in Nigerian politics, we black-mail and assassinate political opponent (Boring). Things are different over here, they black-mail, Assassinate (sometimes) and make Porn (Awesome!). Religion and race ignites a lot of passion here. You'll see to much pretentious sanctimony going on, that's why there is a competition on who should occupy the moral high ground. So, you can imagine the reaction when politics is mixed with a little bit of religion.

Christians were the target here but our northerner brothers are not having it good too. Though, they refuse to admit it. If you want to experience one of the greatest moment of racial divide and mockery, just walk by a Mosque after Jumu'ah prayers on Friday. You will be shocked at what you'll notice within the brief moment you spend there.

Via The Malaysian Insider

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