Saturday, 16 February 2013

Goldie kept Her Personal life Private, I Commend Her

Away from evil eyes of gossip tabloids and news portals looking for little details that would be considered somewhat insignificant, but rather juicy stories about things like infidelity, sexual orientation, new toys etc about celebrities and their spouses. Goldie was able to keep her marriage away from public discuss, sparing her what would have been a barrage of ridiculous media scrutiny on infidelity during and after her appearance on Big brother

To be honest, i was not a fan until i saw her on Big brother where most Nigerians wanted her to be aggressive and loud-mouthed , expecting a Karen Igho like personality. I was one of those that said  "Watin dey worry dis girl na?", "Na so-so cry-cry everytime", "Mehnn, dis girl fall Naija hand". Her cool and sometimes vulnerable character in Big brother's house got people's attention. So, i started nodding and shaking to her songs Skibobo and I've been following her since then.

It really feels good to know there was a happy Susan Olabimpe behind the fancy dresses and sobbing Big brother house mate, who had a church and traditional wedding, smiling in a romantic pose with her husband while taking pictures with family and friends during her wedding. What would be more awesome, is to hear she has a child. I guess it's fair to say she kept her own counsel. Rest in Peace Goldie.

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