Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Am i Suppose To Hate Hausas Because Diya Begged Abacha For His Life?

Some Nigerians never cease to amaze me. From the days where they claim to be the life line of the Nigerian civil service to the days when an ethnic cleansing plot backfired and they became a lost Jewish tribe overnight in order to gain sympathy.

What's the objective of circulating The Oputa panel video? Is it suppose make the Yoruba man resent an Hausa man? Of what relevance is Oladipo Diya to Nigeria today?  Diya was a greedy boss, most boys that served under him don't have anything good to say about him, they loathed being posted to his house. So, why should i give a damn if Diya sucks Abacha's joystick to spare his life? Why will someone go through so much stress pretending to be from a different ethnic group just to abuse the anonymity the internet provides. I understand people troll and have fun sometimes but the length to which these people go, trying to spread falsehood or raise tension that makes them feel  important is really irritating and funny at the same time.

Diya was arrested and about to be executed, he pleaded to be spared. One Douche-bag from a lost tribe gets very excited, he has found something that makes him feel better about himself and he wants to show the rest of the country that he is smart and brave, and he says "Yeah, I'm brave, i took a broom stick to a gun fight i provoked" , "Look at this foolish man pleading for his life in the face of death." These our Nigerian Jews na wire.

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