Monday, 14 January 2013

Northern Nigeria Has it All? From Vice-President to Comptroller General, Customs.

Vice President North, Senate President North, Speaker House of Reps North, PDP National Chairman North, PDP BOT Acting Chairman North, Head of Service North, INEC Chairman North, Inspector General of Police North, Central Bank Governor (CBN) North, Chief Justice of the Federation North, President Court Of Appeal North, President of the Federal High Court North, National Security Adviser (NSA) North, Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) North, Comptroller General Customs North and 19 Northern Governors.

Instead of building schools and educating their people, they are busy organizing mass marriage, donating money to Chad and Niger republic, killing fellow Nigerians in the name of religion and plotting against our slow President who is surrounded by greedy vipers and Tigers.

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  1. And yet North still cried for marginalization! The time North would not be marginalized the would be Oba of Ife and Obi of Agbo.