Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Nigerian Student Sentenced to Death for Drug Trafficking in Malaysia - My Two Cents (Rant)
Now, for anyone harbouring thoughts of trafficking drugs to this country, this is what you get. It beats me why someone would risk their life, by taking banned substance to this racist shit hole called Malaysia, because when issued a visa, it is clearly stated that the punishment for drug trafficking in Malaysia is death.

To be fair and honest to Malaysia, there are some very nice and wonderful people out there, but they are greatly outnumbered by the bigots among them. I live and study in Malaysia and I've observed a bias pattern in judicial procedures and policing as regards drug trafficking and crime prevention.

My assertions are based on my day to day experience and observation as a resident, i have no statistical analysis of the Nigerian population living in Malaysia neither do i have the exact figures or nationality of the number of cases prosecuted by the Malaysian judiciary.

From the Nigerian side, The easterners (Igbos) out-number other ethnic groups within the Nigerian community here. That's why most Nigerians you meet are from the east. A lot of Nigerians you meet are not in Malaysia to study, though they are enrolled in one college or another. They are semi-illiterates or outright illiterates, very lousy, brash and arrogant (for reasons i don't understand). Then we have the stranded group who were duped by travel agents into thinking the pasture in Malaysia is greener.

In short, You meet criminals of all shapes, size and age. They just sleep, eat, wake up and hope the next Maga to pays. They are so much, you'll think all Nigerians living in Malaysia are criminals, but we have bright students doing well and graduating from Malaysian universities , we have gainfully employed graduates trained by Malaysians themselves (few) and business men and women doing legitimate business exporting goods to and from Nigeria (also few compared to the population of the Nigerian community). But the Yahoo boys and drug traffickers are so high in number it seems they've all relocated from Nigeria to Malaysia. Conditions here favour them.

Basic infrastructure is great here compared to what we have in Nigeria. 24 hours electricity, Running water, well laid roads, affordable high speed internet, compact 3/4 bedroom apartment, affordable furniture, little or no scrutiny on international remittance etc. Malaysia is a yahoo boy's paradise. Though, most foreigners especially new comers call them (Malaysians) lazy and stupid (i still don't get the rationale behind that).

On the Malaysian side, You'll meet the Malay Supremacist. A Muslim, religious bigot, Arab wannabe, loud, aggressive and assertive. His psychological profile is like that of a pirate. He (Male and Female) hates Jews and despises Christians. He wants to protect the "sanctity" of Islam, State resources are at his disposal. His opinion and interest supersedes that of others. His ancestors are the first settlers in Peninsular Malaysia. His interpretation of the Islamic text dictates and guides the Muslim community and some times the whole nation. His favourite question when he meets you for the first time in class or anywhere is "Are you Muslim?". He runs the country and he knows it.

We also have the Chinese Chauvinist, hardcore Capitalist, a business tycoon/ hard working student and very selfish. Drives flashy cars, he believes his race is the best. He is rich and he has read stories of Nigerians using Malaysian girls as drug mules, Black/chemical money stories, he has meet or read of stranded Nigerians who loiter around Kuala-Lumpur begging for money (These stranded guys don't shower, so they stink). He cringes when you happen to be in the same elevator, crosses to the other side of the road when you are walking towards each other and always thinks you need something from him any time you try to talk to him. He has held on to so many Nigerian horrible stories and thinks every Nigerian is like that. He might not like you but sees you as a means to a financial end, even during group projects in school, he'll use you to make money.

Then, we have the "Angry Indian", always pissed, Mean-mugging you, and has inferiority complex. His ego is as big as the universe, though being egoistic is a common problem in Malaysia. They call it saving face). The Indian is the most disrespected race out of the big three (by population). He has been discriminated against so much that even his language is not included in the country's ATM machine (LMAO) and his places of worship desecrated and destroyed at random. He is always trying to pick fights with you and the first comment he makes is "THIS IS MY COUNTRY!". He'll smash his crash helmet on you at the slightest provocation or stab you. He also reads of atrocities committed by Nigerians and sees you as a threat.

So, Malaysia is a country where this siege, war time mentality is prevalent and as a foreigner, you don't belong on any side, You are always on the wrong side either because of your religion or or your race, the odds are against you except when they want to nickle and dime you.

Living in Malaysia has made me a racism connoisseur of sought. In fact, I have become so sensitive that I believe I can tell if an individual is racist within a few seconds of being around them. There are people in Malaysia whose sole purpose in life is just to ruin your day. Racism in Malaysia is perfect. It is subtle when it needs to be and brass when necessary.

As a foreigner you might be misled into thinking Malaysia is a boring place and no one gives a damn what you do, so you can do what ever you like and get away with it. No, you are seriously mistaking. Malaysia sometimes feels like the North-Korea we watch on T.V. Some citizens are very nosy and they watch and observe every move you make. I read a news article some weeks ago that says about 80% of Police personnel don't do normal Policing but rather, spy and gather intelligence.

So, my point is this. Malaysia is a tightly controlled society where the authorities decide what business prospers, whether legal or illegal. Elements within the police control the drug trade, the distributors are under their command and they arrest them when it's politically needed to unite the country against a common enemy. We hear of stories of Iranian and Arab drug traffickers who are quietly deported and warned never to return to Malaysia but other Nationalities are shown off as trophy in front of news men who broadcast and publish sensational news headline.

South-east Asian countries are united against drug trafficking and they hold meetings regularly to discuss new strategies on deterrent, Death (rolls eyes). So, it baffles me why people still take the risk. John Amaechi Eze was sentenced on January 22, a British Grand mother Lindsay Sandiford was also sentenced to death on the same day in Indonesia. In the year 2008, Two Nigerians were executed in Indonesia and 1 in Singapore.

Nigerians, Please stop trying to Bring drugs into Malaysia. They will Fxxk you up! No Kidding, They are Sick of It.


  1. There's something fatuous about this post, so I'll start with the simplest reason. You generalized a bunch of people effortlessly without providing any evidence to support your claim. That alone nullifies your argument; it also portrays you as someone who can neither reason rationally/critically nor carry on intelligent conversation/argument. You also did something which shows that you are a bigot! Why didn't you specify which group of Indians causes the most turbulence in Malaysia? Is it the Hindus, Guajarati, Sikhs, etc? Why didn't you specify which group of Chinese were the most troublesome in Malaysia? Is it the Chiang, Zhuang, Uygur, etc? Yet your Igbo hating self deemed it necessary to mention a specific tribe (Igbos) when you mentioned Nigeria!

    You claimed that you don't know the population of Nigerians in Malaysia, but somehow you know that most of them are Igbos? Lmao... how did you know? Where is the proof of that? A little data from the census bureau won't hurt. Did you check in different parts of Malaysia to arrive at that conclusion? You also claimed most of these people are illiterates or there to create ruckus... how do you know? Kindly provide some evidence to support your rambunctious claims and opinions. Here’s a little FYI: The 25 MOST WANTED Nigerian criminals in US are Yoruba people, what do you have to say about that? Such is the case in several countries but it’s evident you cannot think outside your bubble world.

    Halfway through my post, I decided to see what kind of person you are and topics you cover. Interestingly, you posted an article on Nov 12, 2012 regarding a man (Abiodun David) who murdered a man in France so he can steal the man's money. Why didn't you mention that the murderer Abiodun was a Yoruba (like you)? Mmmh... Did your selective amnesia kick in? Where is your post regarding the Yoruba woman (Bola Adebisi) who tried to traffic a record breaking amount of drugs? She ingested about 180 pellets of heroin! *Oops*

    Last but not least, you had the nerve to refer to Malaysia as a racist shit hole, so I’m wondering why are you still there... Why don't you pack your rags and leave that shit hole? Go back to your country and leave this so called racist shit hole to its people! People like you slay me with your paltry and shenanigans. You even had the impetus to address them as racist when you clearly suffer from tribalism and acute case of ignorance! Seriously dude, ask your school to refund your tuition (if you are really in school) because your education is a waste. Your post is filled with grammatical errors, run on sentences, incorrect spellings and weak arguments; so you are clearly on the same level as the illiterates you ranted about. You've been check-mated, good bye.

    1. shut up my friend,i lived in Malaysia for good 3 years before i relocated to China,igbo guys are useless and bastard,they tarnished Nigeria"s image with their selfishness,i dont even ant to talk about this anymore

      All i know is,i hate igbo guys,they can do anything to make money,they dont even care to kill one of their family

    2. the truth is that most Nigerians hate hearing the truth about the situation of the country. Some people come here trying to sound polished or grammatically correct, the truth is majority of the fraudulent crimes are committed by igbos and this is fact. Why is it every time someone's passport is missing 9 out of 10 it is an igbo person WHY????. Till we accept the truth about who are committing this crimes we will not fix our problems. I don't hate igbos because they are my people i'm just tired of people making excuses for their crimes.

    3. You are obviously expecting a "I don't have anything against Igbos" speech. Sorry, you are not getting it here. Stop chasing shadows. Nigerians (WAZOBIA) living here have a problems, do what you can to help. You know i said the truth in my post.

      Drug trafficking, Scamming and Killing Ugandan girls for rituals is not hard-work. You don't improvise by breaking into someone else's property, live in it without paying rent and try to fight him when he finds out. You don't hustle by selling your kidney. There is a limit to which the host Country can tolerate our bullshit no matter the financial gain.

      Malaysia is a racist Country even to it's citizens. There is so much injustice going on here that foreigners like you and i don't stand the chance of being treated fairly most times. It is a miracle that they don't kill one another en masse like we do in Nigeria.

      In Malaysia, Malay is Malay, Chinese is Chinese, Indian is Indian and they have other races (Iban, Orang-Asli, Kadazan, Portuguese etc).It's in all official documents.

      More Nigerians (WAZOBIA) will be found guilty for drug offences in the coming months, be prepared.

      Then Please, don't check-mate me. no one is playing the game of Chess here.

    4. I'm born to a Yoruba and Igbo parents so I have no problem calling it the way I see it. You dodged all the key facts I pointed out because you can't think beyond your bubble. Sorry Ola dearie but nobody is expecting anything short of crap from you... so no need for you to say further. Cheers!

    5. Check out who the terrorists are in Nigeria (Hausa), who the politicians are who have been ruining Nigeria for decades (Yoruba and Hausa), most wanted Nigerians abroad (Yoruba) and most wanted Yahoo in Nigeria (Igbo). You people are blind to the truth so g0 ahead and wallow in ignorance. I struck a nerve... big whoop!

    6. Please stop feeling like a super hero here. I don't care if you were born by a goat or pig. This is the situation on ground in Malaysia, I answered all your questions. The news agency published Eze's name, click on the link and see for your self. You are obviously slow, Read my post a few more times, you might finally get the point.

    7. Awww please don't cry... no need to get salty, it's not that serious. The newspaper published his name but not his tribe because his tribe is irrelevant! You dragged tribe into this like a dimwit but didn't mention the murderer's tribe, have you forgotten? You are so lost which is sad and amusing at the same time. The more you write the more you embarrass yourself, so am dismissing you and your lunacy.

    8. 7 out of 10 Nigerians you meet in Malaysia are Igbos. From the Nigerian consulate to Puchong, Cheras anywhere you see Nigerians, this is how they greet you in thick igbo accent "My brother how far na", "Brother e no easy o".

      Let me help you feel better. 2 Yoruba men (31-year old Bolarinwa Labaika and 30-year old Abiodun Ofunaya) and 1 Igbo man (39-year old Ugochukwu Amagbu) were arrested today for trying put drugs in a Malaysia bound Flight. The three of them are airport workers. Does that make you feel better? haha Fool! Don't ever comment on my blog again. You Bloody Chav.

    9. Well, my friend Ola, i must commend u for the write-ups but i still concur with the guy that u are a bit bias, please next time don't try to segregate as we all are Nigerians, being an ibo, yoruba or hausa is not necessary here.
      At-least am aware that the most wanted and notorious criminals in USA are from Yoruba and nobody has ever written to segregate or sectionalize it.
      Next time try to be more professional.

    10. Guys we are missing the issue at hand,what I expect us to be saying is how to make our country Nigeria better so as to reduce crimes beem committed by Nigerians.How to hold d the political class accountable for all there actions and make plans on how to move Nigeria forward.

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    1. I'm born to a Yoruba and Igbo parents so I have no problem calling it the way I see it. You dodged all the key facts I pointed out because you can't think beyond your bubble. Sorry Ola dearie but nobody is expecting anything short of crap from you... so no need for you to say further. Cheers!

    2. Lmaout you guys are funny' you call a country rasict' when you are a mere tribalist urself segregating other cultures in Nigeria calling out the igbos and referring to the Hausas as terrorists. The truth is no one is perfect we all have flaws, we need to all take responsibility for our actions and stop blaming people for them!
      Finally I am neither neither IGBO nor YORUBA nor even HAUSA, Im NIGERIAN and I love my country, it is people like you guys that kill it, sorry to say or offend anyone by that the truth is simply always bitter. So next time u see a NIGERiAN look at the person as a NIGERiAN and not his ethnic group pls. Respect people.

  3. First and foremost, you acknowledge that the trraficking drugs to Malaysia is an offence purnishable by death, therefore if you commit the crime you do the time. One has to respect the law of any country if you are to leave there. To be fore warn is to be fore harm, abi no bis so oyinbo people talk am. You see the issue of Nigeria people whether Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba lets call a spade a spade not a digging tool; it is wrong the way people are tanishing the reputation of this country everywhere and they should know that they are putting lot of innocent people and well meaning Nigerians in danger. I don't think you shuold call the people of that country any bad name racists or what ever if you destroy your own country you want them to give the chance and opportunity to destroy their own no way. If you feel that they are racist, bigot etc just leave their country for them. When you are in USA, you complain, Europe you complain Asia you complain even in Nigeria, you complain so till you put a disgrace to doctorate degree into office. Na Hausa they chop all nigeria money, Na Yoruba dey there, now Jonathan don spoil eveything. Stop complaining and act, be a good citizen we ever you are.......

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  5. Dissecting this post and the poster!

    Dear Mr. Ola a racist should not write articles condemning racism, i have suffered racism at one point or the other but that hasn't turned me into a racist. You have single handed condemned a Nation and its people in 2 or 3 lines... I feel i have a need to clarify some things you said.

    Malaysia is beautiful country with world class infrastructure not comparable in anyway to what is obtainable in Nigeria, its economy is vibrant growing at a steady 6% to 7% since 1960, GDP is $320 Billion, population 25 million, Minimum wage in Naira is N60,000 and this is for Malaysians that did not go to college or university, the Malaysian passport is Visa free to all Countries except U.S.A and when the apply for visa to the US(which most of them don't)they get 10 years multiple entry minimum.

    You mentioned that the Malaysian police control's the drug trade here.. are you a drug pusher? how did you come about this fact?

    Who told you that Iranians and Arabs are quietly deported when they are caught smuggling drugs, do you work in the Ministry of internal affairs of Malaysia?

    I get a lot of these conspiracy theories from a lot of Nigerians in Malaysia because the believe that Malaysia was created the very day they arrived, i am 100% sure that you cannot make a complete sentence in Malay and probably the only Malaysians you know are those who teach you in school and those that work in 7 eleven.

    Since you cannot read, write nor speak Malay how can a foreigner like you relate with your hosts and try to find out the reasons for their so called racist actions, how sure are you that their actions are borne out of sheer racism... ok yes their ladies tend to move away when a Nigerian comes close, so why shouldn't they? Asian ladies culturally are trained to be shy, reserved, quiet and they guard their personal space jealously, i know this because i am married to an Asian and i have tons of Malaysian friends.

    The typical ignorant Nigerian in Malaysia will try chat up any woman(married or unmarried) he sees on the street or in the mall, chasing and embarrassing her for hours unend not knowing that this is a new phenomenon to them because Malaysian men do not try to chat up their ladies in public so in turn the Malaysian women discovered that the only way to avoid being embarrassed by most Nigerians in Public is either by closing their nose when the see a Nigerian or by hurriedly crossing to the other side of the road, these actions might seem racist but you have to understand that Asians do not give a damn about being politically correct as do westerners, the three main races in Malaysia mostly do not relate with each other in anyway so why should they now try to relate to us, what makes us so special? Malaysians mind their own business, "your problem is your problem" is a popular saying in Malaysia, this sums up the average Malaysia, it just simply means "i don't need to know you and you don't need to know me"

    Generally Nigerians complain a lot and always want to play the race card, I am a Nigerian in Malaysia.. i own an Indian Bar, i have a car rental service with 27 cars in my fleet, i have a auto shop and i have taken 7 Malaysians to court and i won all cases.

    Most Nigerians here have no respect themselves nor for others, there is no conspiracy against Nigerians here, there is only a hatred of the attitude and acts of the average Nigerian here literate or illiterate.

  6. Hello, Please do you have any idea on how I could proceed with the search for a brother of mine who left for Singapore some years back and, just after few weeks he arrived Singapore, we could no longer reach him on any of his contacts and he hasn't called or written us either.



  7. Sure, I did. Sadly, they treated my appeal with levity. Actually, I'd written first to the Singaporean Consular Directorate and they promptly replied me, asking me to provide certain information about my brother which I did. However, on their follow-up mail, they advised that the Nigeria High Commission will better handle my case, and consequently, provided me with the High Commission's contacts so I could write them.

    Pronto, I wrote the Nigeria High Commission and this' their reply, poorly written English and lacking formality,

    "We write to acknowledge he receipt of you mail on above subject and to inform that investigation has commence on it.

    Thank you.
    Nigeria High Commission."

    Some six weeks passed and I never heard from the Nigeria High Commission again, Needless to say, I wrote back, kindly reminding them of the search for my missing brother, up until now they never responded again.

  8. Many Thanks, Ola. I'm going to do as you'd suggested. Should you have other suggestions, please do let me know too.

    Once again, Thank you!

  9. That's a pretty ridiculous comment about the Indian language not being on ATM machines ("He has been discriminated against so much that even his language is not included in the country's ATM machine") You obviously don't know much about the Indians in Malaysia, or India for that matter. Most Indians speak English very well. English is their main language! The younger Indians in Malaysia these days speak Malay. Most have assimilated into Malaysian culture, and many don't know how to read their (former) Indian language, and would have no use of an ATM with their language option. It's ridiculous to state that as proof that Indians are discriminated against. ALL non-Malays in Malaysia, i.e. "non-Bumiputeras" and non-Muslims are discriminated against in Malaysia. Also, gangsters of ANY race are generally an angry bunch. You must be living in some cheap, crappy area to form the opinion that "All Indians are angry." What biased, ridiculous post.

  10. I cannot believe what I am reading; in the many years I have travel to Singapore and Malaysia, yes I notice that there are more and more Blacks in both countries, but did not realize so much crime was related to this segment of society. I am Muslim, Black in skin color, and speak Malay and never experience discrimination. Also, I am 60+ years old, married to a Malay Singaporean, have adult children and grandchildren and friends who are ethnic Indians, ethnic Chinese, and others. I am shocked by these above comments. Ahsan