Friday, 25 January 2013

Meet Africa's first female billionaire, Isabel Dos Santos - Forbes ^ ^

Isabel Dos Santos, Daughter of Angolan President Eduardo Jose Dos Santos is Africa's first female Billionaire according to Forbes. She reached the one Billion mark by buying shares of public traded companies in Portugal combined with her assets in  Angolan firms. Based on Forbes assessment, she has a "humble beginning" (Self-made). Started with a small restaurant at the age of 24 called Miami Beach and  the rest is history.

The Nigerian media was abuzz with a story published by Huffingtonpost and Dailymail, which claimed Oprah Winfrey had been dethroned as the richest black woman by a Nigerian named Folorunsho Alakija. Alakija was said to be $500 million richer than Oprah with an estimated net-worth of  $3.2 billion. An assessment done by Ventures-Africa. Forbes puts Folorunsho Alakija's Net-worth at $600 million. So, who do i believe? Forbes or Ventures-Africa?

These rich people always start small. Some of them start without shoes (CinC). Some, fashion designers (Tailor). Others, start restaurants (Buka). There are people who were security men in London (Gate-man). I hawked Chin-Chin (Snacks) as a child, so i will become a billionaire too. lol

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