Sunday, 29 July 2012

"Convert to Islam or Die Slowly in Penury" - Sultan tells Christian Sister

For the past few weeks, there has been an unrelenting attack on Christianity with conspiracy theories,lies and every negative thing that could be used to smear Christianity and its followers. We've seen save Mariam of Indonesia and so many more but one of such publications got on my nerve ("Convert to Christianity or die poor". Bishop Oyedepo tells Muslim sister). So i decided to tell the same story from the opposite perception and the story goes like this.

The sultan of Shokoto's half sister, Deaconess Rebecca Maryam Sani Abubakari who has resisted every attempt by the Sultan to convert her to islam is living in abject poverty. The Sultan who seems to appear tolerant can not hide his disdain and hatred for Christians and Christianity. Sultan Mubarak Sani Abubakari has shown his resentment for the Christian faith and it's followers over and over again by his actions and utterances. After one of numerous bomb attacks by his admires and prodigies on a Christian worship centre, he congratulated them by giving them 5  virgins, he promised them more in "Paradise" and called for the unification and cooperation of Nigerian factions. A victim who survived one of the deadly attacks but lost both limbs, one eye and one arm said 'i wish we had a derogatory word like "Kaffir" that we can use on people who are not of our religion'. 

Deaconess Rebecca Maryam's business center was recently vandalised by the military wing of the Law council and her only son's throat slit open. She lives in Sabon-Gari area of Kanu (Not Papilo).  Left with no child and means of livelihood, the sultan swore never to have anything to do with her unless she converts to islam. Her fellow church members are attacked if the try to talk to or help her. eye witness say she is close to death.

This is my satirical view of Oyedepo's story but i think i made my point. Did i?

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