Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Corrupt Government : Nigeria's Hypocrisy

Nigerians and our hypocrisy
Nigerian Hypocrisy
It baffles me as to why it's so difficult for Nigeria as a nation and Africans as a race to move forward, develop and make life better for our people. Why is it so difficult to evolve as a nation? So, every where i check the most common answers i get are "bad leadership" or "corrupt government", but what really constitutes a corrupt government and what encourages a bad leader? These are few of the things and behaviours that nurtures this backwardness. So, a corrupt government in Nigeria means the following
  1. It means jumping the queue when other members of the society are orderly and patient.
  2. It is a state of mind.......where you believe yahoo-boys are a pay back for the colonial past.
  3. It is the mentality of "Naija no dey carry last", "Sharp guy", "I no send any body", "Man must wack", "Any-how Any-how i must hammer" e.t.c
  4. It means looking the other way, while your brother, friend or neighbour milks the country or the organization where he works dry, as long as it does not directly affect you or you benefit from it.
  5. It is living in that small box where you don't want to be bothered. " i no want wahala, i have my good job and nice pay, na them sabi"
  6. It means succumbing to violence and intimidation of desperate politicians
I seriously doubt we will make any progress if we continue to turn the other way, if we refuse to step on toes, if we refuse to speak out..........all it takes is a few good men, and the rest will be history.

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