Monday, 18 June 2012

Antagonised Ted Talk

This is Nick Hanauer's TED talk that they refused to post. The reason Ted gave is just laughable and i quote them "We didn't post it because it's not very good". He got a lot of flak from writers all over, most calling him Ignorant and arguing his presentation wasn't about income inequality or tax on the rich and job creation but rather, about the effect marginal tax rates have on labour supply. Bruce Upbin a Forbes blogger said "It was a case of TED organizers deciding that this particular presentation was categorically mediocre, a conclusion with which i firmly concur".

According to my interpretation he was calling for an insurrection or social conciousness of sought. Large corporations aren't much if their products are boycotted in large numbers. They are no gods. Though his speech was specifically targeted at the American audience but every average citizen of the world can strongly relate to his thesis. It can be applied to the political arena as well, especially in Nigeria. When it comes to Politics and economics, the opinion with the highest number of stewardship should be winning.

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