Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Even If Jonathan's Administration is Overthrown

So, even if Jonathan's government is overthrown. Do northerners expect others, especially the south-south to accept and applaud a northern "Mesiah"? Won't Should the new guy's administration be subjected to similar but opposite problems where northern muslims will on a weekly basis be attacked in their places of worship and at home, then Church leaders would blame the attack on extremist southerners who are poor and uneducated and the general public would be reminded that southerners are, and Christianity is a religion of peace.

Will a southern public office holder who is caught red handed stealing be allowed to go home to rest by fellow southerner/Christian police men while he is suppose to be in police custody? Even if another Ijaw man is brought to replace Jonathan or in a worse case scenario a Yoruba, Igbo or an Hausa man is brought, do we think everything would become normal? No

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