Monday, 4 June 2012

Lagos Nigeria : Dana Plane Crash

This very unfortunate incident happened just a few ago. Eyewitnesses say the air-plane went down around 03.20 pm.

So, if i remember correctly Dana air had an emergency landing on the 11th of May and here we are toady, over 150 people gone due to the negligence and inability of the air-line operator and the aviation authority in maintaining standard safety procedures.

'Rumour' has it that the air-plane spent over four hours flying around Lagos because it's landing gear stopped working.The tail section of the plane shows it did not nose-dive (layman's opinion). But lets be honest, no matter what rumour says, most of us know, this is a disaster waiting to happen. Just take a look at the planes and operational procedures at our air-ports. May the souls of the departed rest in Peace. more pictures when you continue

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