Thursday, 31 May 2012

Goodluck Jonathan Is Worn Out : Renames UNILAG

So, as of 30 May 2012, if you Google the Nigerian president's name, the options suggested by Google might be "Confused man", "Slow poison", "Cause trouble" and "I will rename Nigeria". Lagos is an established brand name, so is every other thing related to it. ( LASGIDI, EKO, UNILAG e.t.c) for some, these slogans are identities, a way of live, even a state of mind for others. It's Lag for heavens sake. The president just woke up one morning and decided to rename the university of Lagos after MKO Abiola while there are other national monuments that could be named after him even within Lagos state.

My point is this, Obama would not wake up one morning and decide to change Havard's name neither will Cameron change Oxford's. How does the change of name benefit any of the  institution's stakeholders, from the federal government down to the students or aspiring students. What are the strategic benefits of this name change after 50 years? Honestly the president's ineptitude is really appalling. The way he makes decisions is difficult to comprehend. If Goodluck Jonathan was a football team, he would be Arsenal. He'll lift you up, just to let you down. He'll make you feel like a sad, frustrated wife, who is always very close to orgasm during sex, then her husband ejaculates and goes to sleep leaving her unsatisfied.SMH.

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