Monday, 5 March 2012

"You Do Me, I Do You" Nigeria Will React to South Africa's Action

Reacting to the deportation of 125 Nigerian travellers for allegedly carrying fake yellow fever clearance certificates, The federal government said it would react in a "calculated" manner depending on the outcome of talks between Nigeria and South Africa today in Pretoria.

As it is a standard pattern of behavior for immigration officers in any country to quarantine travellers travelling without yellow fever clearance certificates, vaccinate them, make them pay for the service and let them continue their journey.

Secondly, having a yellow fever clearance certificate is one of the prerequisites for the South African visa. so what really happened? But wait ooo, lets think of it. when few people in government think they are gods and treat their citizens bad for the world to see, How do you expect foreigners to treat them? They say charity begins at home. Lets fix our house and acts first before we start threatening foreign governments that treat us bad.

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