Thursday, 15 March 2012

Nigerian Drug Mule: Female NYSC Member Arrested With Cocain in Abuja

She met her London based friend on facebook their relationship got stronger.He started sending her gifts on a regular basis, she started trusting him then she began running errands for him here in Nigeria.

A female youth cooper was arrested with three packs of cocaine. She confessed  she received a phone call from her friend who lives in London instructing her to hand it over to someone as soon as she gets it. She was Arrested at the point of collection and later confessed it was not the first time she'll be collecting a parcel for her friend. Interestingly the shoe she was wearing at the time of arrest was sent to her by her London friend. Ladies be careful o!. Put your hand where your eyes can see o! in fact, everybody, be careful!!! Don't run international errands for your lovers. Run away like your life depends on it, run away as fast as you can.

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