Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Malaysia Cancels Erykah Badu's Concert over Tattoo

Rais Yatim, Malaysia's information minister said the reason the concert was cancelled is because" Erykah is an unsuitable role model for young muslims". Duhh!! Adam Lambert was here in 2010. Another reason given is that her performance would "create a big and prolonged problem for Muslims" really? when did they start going to concerts.

Malaysia is a country where religious and ethnic minorities are harassed and threatened on a regular basis and their places of worship desecrated. Malaysian Muslims are portrayed as timid and gullible by their leaders who do and say almost anything to "protect the sanctity of Islam" These people should be protected from themselves, their modus operandi shows individuals who have a subtle entreaty for an Iranian style Islamic revolution when the time and numbers are right (Project IC) just to secure their place in power for the foreseeable future.

Madame Aproko's Advice to Erykah, submit an application via the Saudi Arabian government to the Malaysian government, you might be allowed to perform in a mosque during Jumu'ah prayers. LMAO

read more to see leaders issuing threats and wielding swords (keris) on national T.V

Picture of  Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir and Perkasa Front man Ibrahim Ali Showing off their keris to their "enemies"

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