Thursday, 1 March 2012

Nigerian Sentenced to Death For drug Trafficking in Malaysia

Malaysian Visa
It clearly states inred bold ink that, "Trafficking of illegal drugs carries a death penalty"

Firstly, This is a country that has serious racism problems amongst its citizens. Secondly, travelers are always warned about drug trafficking because it attracts a mandatory death sentence.

Thirdly, Most Malaysians don't like Africans. Now, Oluigbo Eric Chimezie was caught selling weed in a country where you know the consequence is brutal. Nigerians are arrested for drug trafficking in Malaysia almost on a daily basis (exaggerated), the NDLEA should do more to stop them before the leave the country.

Stop falling for the scams of travel Agents. There is no job in Malaysia, they don't employ professional foreigners talk less of an African local champion who thinks he is street smart.There is nothing here. Anybody who claims to be based in Malaysia and comes to Nigeria with flashy cars is either a Scammer (Yahoo-Yahoo) or a drug trafficker. Legal Kobo no dey that country.

Be Warned!!! If you carry drugs here, they will gladly kill you!

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